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Originally Posted by search116 View Post
I need help choosing a new army to get back into fantasy. So here are the choices: skaven,vampire counts, bretonnia, High Elves, Dark Elves.
Skaven: Lots of cheap, expendable troops, and shooting. One of the powerhouses of eighth right now.

Vampire Counts: Has relatively poor internal balance, but there's a few winning combos. A lot of the weight of the army is in the vamps, as the troops are usually pretty sucky.

Bretonnia: Fairly gimped by the new rules, as cavalry aren't nearly as good. Not recommended.

High Elves: The other powerhouse of eighth, plenty of expensive troops, but they're rape enough to warrant the cost. Also have some very broken mages.

Dark Elves: Cheaper than High Elves. Tend to rely on one overwhelming charge to break the enemy. Powerful magic and great synergies, though the troops are quite fragile.

There's a brief rundown on each one.

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