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I don't feel that your list would be stronger with a Farseer; but with a Farseer and the Autarch, as I actually see the use for both (+1 reserve roles, etc)

VOT does not give hte Harlies a 24" Bubble, as it does not work on everything. Things that don't require LOS or direct targeting of a unit (like the "Fury of the Ancients") can be serioulsy dangerous to Harlies.

-- Necrons with Veil of Death (thats a Lord with ResOrb and Veil of Darkness and a Large Immortal and/or Large Warrior squads) can often appear right in front of the Harlis so range is not problem for them.

-- Droppods can do the same sort of thing

-- Smart opponetns will limit the table on you, so that its very difficult to have 24" of range, ever. And they will have multiple units to do it with. Your army is cool; but it lacks diversity to make it truely responsive to all races, all styles, etc.

-- As for the Chaos Bomb, I will go and get a few referneces for you, as they rally do need a bit of tactical rundown to go, think of Lash of Submission, Deathguard, and the likes.

Cheers and Happy Gaming.

Oh and since I have been asked to not write in Red Ink (Some people finding it offensive) which I did for "Fluff" reasons; Saim-Hann being my principle army. Anyway, just to let others know, I personnnally don't find coloured writing offensive, but I do dislike overuse of profanity, and/or poor grammer & spelling

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