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Originally Posted by DeathKlokk View Post
And for those of you saying it's useless, try finding a reason to equip Digital Weapons on a Brother Champion. Other than to waste 5 pts or "His BFF is a Jokaero".
My god.. I have seen alot of dumb things from GW but now im convinced that someone needs to get fired.. any one with a GK codex read the weapon discription and what it does.. Anointed Blade... then Digital Weapons, if you dont know what it does.

and now back on track the hammer strikes at I4, does "stun" anything T6 or above and auto shakes machines when you hit.. nothing like immobing a tank and getting point blank shot next round cause of no shakes or stuns.. you DO lose one attack.. but best use this guy vrs high T targets or eternals.

Thank you Deathklokk.. that made me laugh.
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