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Originally Posted by moc065 View Post
What you are relying on is that no-one will get LOS on your units (especially the Harlies) I have found that in reality, an army with multiple units will simply take multiple tests on the Harlies and they will shoot the crap out of them. Other Eldar, Firewarrior/suit Tau, etc... The Whirlwind SM army I sited is actually simular to the Basilisk IG army you mentioned exept it gets Deepstrike and has fast vehicles as well as indirect fire. You missed my Nidzilla point on Dakka, not assault, and Chaos Bombs can normally assault you on turn 2 as well as having Lash Whip(s) to help direct you.

You seriously missed the point aobut Runes of Warding, as it shuts down things like "Fury of hte Ancients", Lash Whips, etc... and I don't find Falcon inpossible to beat down, a smart opponent will shake them as often as possible and simply block their Exit until he is ready to deal with the cargo. I also never mentioned "Fast Necron Armies", as well as others; but again they are another whole story.....

If you like the list, then use it... I was simply stating it was a One Trick Pony, as you said yourself. Sorry to have bothered you.
The deal with the harlies is that their veil ability gives opponents a max range of 24". No matter how many tests are taken the number can never exceed this. Their ability to move through cover also sets up some interesting opportunities.

Why I'm worried less about a whirlwind than a basilisk is that the jetbikes have 3+ saves which the basilisk ignores but the whirlwind doesn't.

I don't think I missed any point about runes of warding, as no point was brought up. A farseer probably would be better mechanically in this army than my autarch, but I don't get many opportunities to play with autarchs.

As far as nidzilla goes I was actually talking about dakka and assault, as both are fairly short ranged and both require the creatures to get around whatever cover I'm hiding behind to get at my jetbikes.

I still haven't the foggiest idea of what a chaos bomb is. I did a search for it and the only person that uses the term on these boards is you, yet you seem to expect others to be familiar with it.

And I'm not in the least bothered. I like to talk about these things otherwise I wouldn't have posted the list. You asked me what I thought of this list's ability to counter the lists you posted, so I did.
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