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All right, update time!

I've made progress on my Oblits, as you see. Two coats of gold. One more, some wash, then a lighter gold and boltgun metal wash on that part...plus the flesh, which will mirror the white flesh of the middle Obliterator above, I think. And the other parts.

Bikers! Not too much progress on the riders, apart from the fact that I actually got arms on that last guy. I've also taken off mold lines on them, repainted, and re-drybrushed a bit of boltgun metal...but that's unimportant. The big thing is the second coat of red on the "bikes," the dark flesh on the scales (I will work up to a bone color), and the first layer on the saddles.

And now the new purchase: Berzerkers. I've added in a few bodies, arms, legs and backpacks, strategically spread out between the box, to bolster its numbers from 12 to 16. Two squads! Please forgive the glue-frosting on quite a few of them--have I mentioned how old and tacky my super-glue is? I actually have to take the head off of my bottle and daub a stick into it, then anoint the blessed model. Then, of course, it takes hours to dry.

I really need to get some new glue. Ai, my aching wallet. Buying this squad was hard enough on it. "CSM on a Shoestring Budget" is deservedly this thread's title...

This is one squad, in all its glory. I've had that raised squad leader's base for ages, and been trying to come up with a worthy use for it.

Now for the next!

And finally, all of them together. I'm thinking that I want to do both these squads (and when I get them, both squads of Plague Marines) with a very pale, bone-colored armor that's leaking blood at the joints (or vile, rotting ichor a la the Cleaved for the PM squads).

My Defiler is one step closer to completion: full assembly. Well, I need to make a few more swabs of green stuff, but...otherwise finished being built. Soon going to move into repainting. My internal debate is whether I should try to salvage the color scheme or start over from scratch. Well, it's a bit late to Simple Green it...but whaddever.

I've started a few objectives, too, for my battles. I'm tired of using flying bases and spare small blast templates. The angel plinth was made a long while back for scenery (from an old D&D model), but I've dragged it--and some barrels, crates, and bitz--together for spoils to capture/defend.

Bitz for one of my next projects: 14 Plague Marines. I'm thinking that a box of 7, plus a box of 10 regulars, and also these bitz scavenged from my friendly local gamer store, all fairly spread around...should manage. I have 3 scythes for each squad I'll make, plus a few gribbly bits. With some green stuff and Finecast Plague Marine bodies...I think I can make this work.

Now, you might be crying out "but Mossy! that's 17 minis, not 14!" Well, fear not, I have a plan. With the 3 remaining CSM--plus a liberal addition of enough other scavenged bitz to make it 5 whole marines--I will have a Chosen squad with 3x flamers and 2x meltaguns. I've started building that supply of weapons, you see.

I'm proud of how self-made some of these are. The meltagun is a chunk of a building pillar, a bolter, and the cap of a plasma pistol; the flamer is a bolter, a metal flamer bit snipped off of an Ork Nob arm, and a meltabomb. Plus, well, a flamer, a meltagun, and a reeeally archive flamer. And then my few remaining spare backpacks. Here:

And that's all for now!

CSM Plog, Tactica

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