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Doubles tourneys fall largely to which army combo can get the best gimmicks, and BA+SW can get some pretty amazing ones. You're not using any of them though. BA have one of the most amazing bubble-buff units in the game in the form of sanguinary priests. They're libraians also have psychic hoods, which is important in this case (I'll explain why later), and can spam fast melta better than almost everyone. So take advantage of this.

500 point BA to complement SW:

w/ JP
Sanguine Sword, Blood lance

2 Sanguinary Priests
w/ JPs

10 Assault Squad
w/ 2 meltaguns, Infernus Pistol, PF

So this is your roaming group, and provides the core of your anti-tank force (melta, BL & PF/sword). Combat squad the Assault marines, stick a meltagun and a priest in each squad, and put the libby in the squad without the sarge.

So now for the gimmicks. Sanguinary priests+Thunderwolf cav. Your damage soaking rock just got another save, and also hits harder. Also, Rune priests get runic weapons, which stack with hoods for double psychic protection. Very nice thing to have. So:

500 point SW to complement BA:

w/ CotS

5 GH
w/ WS, meltagun

4 thunderwolf cav
1 w/ TH, SS
1 w/ SS
1w/ MB

So pretty simple, GHs hang back or walk up to midfield objectives whil RP LLs stuff, switch to murderous hurricane+bolters if anything gets into assault range, and the cav rush forward with the jumpers to mash face. Easy. Feel free to drop me a PM if you've got any questions.
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EDIT: Give the Rune Priest a WTT, your five points short and it just makes your psychic defense even more ridiculous.

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