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Default 1000pts Blood Angel/Space Wolf doubles tourny

Hi me and my friend are entering a doubles tourny together. Its 500pts each with 1 Hq and 1 troop each as compulsory.

Blood Angels

HQ-Libby w/ sanguine sword, wings of sanguinius-100pts

Troop-Tactical Squad w/ 5*extra man, melta gun, missile launcher, rhino-225pts

Troop-Scout Squad w/ 4*sniper, missile launcher-85pts

Fast Attack-Land Speeder w/ heavy bolter, assault cannon-90pts


Space Wolves

HQ-Wolf Preist w/ terminator armour-120pts

Elite-3*Wolf Guard w/ 3*terminator armour, storm shield, thunder hammer, 2*wolfclaws, chainfist-159pts

Troop-10*Grey Hunter w/ 2*plasma guns, powerfist, rhino-220pts


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