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I personnally think that both of your lists have big holes in them and wouldn's stand up to too many competitive Tournament lists. But they would probably frustrate a quite a number of players the first game the played against them.

If you want a run down on whats wrong with them, just think about some of this:
Chaos Bomb with 2 Lash Whips.
Nidzilla with Dakka Fezes, Flyrant, and Genestealers.
Whirlwind, Landspeeder, Terminator Hybrid lists.
Other Mech Eldar.
Other Hybrid Eldar.
FireWarrior / Suit Tau.

Let me know your toughts on how to deal with these, and then I'll tell you how they can serioulsy exploit your list.

Cheers and Happy Gaming.

Oh and since I have been asked to not write in Red Ink (Some people finding it offensive) which I did for "Fluff" reasons; Saim-Hann being my principle army. Anyway, just to let others know, I personnnally don't find coloured writing offensive, but I do dislike overuse of profanity, and/or poor grammer & spelling

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