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Wait, you're saying that chaos champions don't accomplish feats in the materium compared to what Draigo has done in the ether? Okay Draigo is ONE guy who yeah has done some ridiculously bad ass stuff to the chaos gods and the realm.The forces of chaos (not including the 13 black crusades by Abbaddon) have been running trains on the imperium for centuries. Entire sectors subjugated and enslaved to the Gods.Worlds destroyed to the point where sometimes they are not recoverable. In case you forgot,Abbaddon also was indirectly responsible for getting rid of one of the most powerful Eldar Eldrad Ulthran.If he never launched that black crusade,the talismans would have never been an issue,and Slaanesh wouldn't be playing pin the tail on the Eldrad in his domain. One guy wreaking havoc in the realm of Chaos doesn't even compare to what the forces of Chaso have accomplished in Imperial Space over the centuries.Next to him who does the imperium really have that could challenge the Despoiler one on one? If a situation like the Siege of Terra occured on a planet and the forces of the Emperor had a shot at taking down Abbaddon or one of the Chaos Primarchs who would they send? One on one? That's right,unlike the siege of terra we don't have any Emperor or Primarchs who could actually best any of the top guys Chaos has. The only guy I see being able to handle Abbaddon one on one would be the Night Bringer at full power and I'm sure he'd be dying to help out the Imperium.We don't have anyone of ridiculous power levels like Chaos does so no,you don't have to have stories of Abbaddon doing ridiculous things like Draigo because he's already that powerful. Mortarion,Perturabo,Angron, or any of the Daemon Princes are ridiculously powerful. We've got this guy and maybe the Sanguinor (who only really comes when everyone is pretty much on their way to the grave) as other worldly powers from the warp.If you want to talk fair and someone being overpowered it makes absolutely no sense at all the imperium is still standing. With the forces of Chaos and the traitors with all the forces they can bring to bear,the tyranids,Necron/C'Tan,and don't forget the old school threat of the Orks/Eldar/Dark Eldar/and now the Tau it's a wonder it's still around. It makes sense that their should be some kinda bad ass somewhere holding shit back from spiling over.
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