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Okay guys, I've been turning all this over in my head for a bit. First up, I'd like to thank you for your suggestions - I much appreciate the help.

What I've decided to go with is something pretty similar to what I had already. I feel I need the 'toys' on the assault squads. Without the infernus pistols I don't have enough melta, without the power weapons I automatically lose every fight I get into and need to rely entirely on shooting to deal with certain threats. As an example, I took on a Tyranid player a short while ago who used two Hive Tyrants and two Mawlocs at 1,750 points - without Furiously Charging power weapon attacks those monsters would have eaten me alive as I simply wouldn't have been able to cause enough wounds to kill them quickly enough (one of the Tyrants had wings and managed to Deep Strike right behind my army at the same time as the two Mawlocs. You can see the problem such a tactic presents me with).

I agree that the Furioso Dreads are a bit out of place against more shooting oriented lists. However, the number of those lists that I need to worry about in the area that I'll be playing this list in will be few. People tend toward much more aggressive armies like Deathwing, Tyranids, Black Templars and Space Wolves. I wouldn't take this list to something like Adepticon or the NOVA Open.

Thus, here's the semi-final version. Barring more advice, this is what I'm thinkin'.

Librarian with Fear, Shield and hand flamer


3x 5 Assault Marines with melta, infernus and power weapon
2x Razorback with twin-linked assault cannon and searchlight
1x Razorback with lascannon and twin-linked plasma gun


1x Sanguinary Priest with lightning claw

2x Furioso Dreadnought with heavy flamer, extra armor

Fast Attack

3x Baal Predators with twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolters and searchlights

Heavy Support

2x Dreadnoughts with two twin-linked autocannons

Total: 1,750/1,750

Thanks again guys!

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