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Originally Posted by Deadeye776 View Post
Hector Rex banished the greatest Bloodthirster Khorne has Angraath in single combat.
The difference is the level of detail in which the combat was described. For starters, Hector Rex knew An'ggrath's true name. Second, he'd been practically geared to fight opponents such as him. So have the Grey Knights, but Arias, as an anointed force sword, bears particular mention. Thirdly...well, the difference in and of itself. The battle between Hector Rex and An'ggrath has 1-2 pages dedicated to it in IA 7, and the details show that it was still quite a struggle. Draigo's confrontation with Mortarion, by comparison, is but a footnote. My schtick on the Willing Suspension of Disbelief is already in this thread, and does not bear repeating.

Originally Posted by Deadeye776 View Post
The 13th company have survived in the EOT for 10,000 and are still kicking a$$ present day in 40k.
And look how it has changed them. A good many of them have succumbed to the Curse of the Wulfen and they've had to scavenge equipment from traitor Astartes. They might be kicking ass, but they're at least taking some as well. I cannot say the same for Draigo.

Originally Posted by Deadeye776 View Post
If Hector can take out Angraath one on one than I can buy the Mortarion story.If Alaric and cripple a black crusade on a world dedicated to Khorne in the EOT through wit and cleverness than maybe that's how the supreme grand master pulled off torching Nurgles Garden.
Originally Posted by The Battle of Kornovin, 901.M41
Supreme Grand Master Geronitan is slain at the hands of the Daemon Primarch Mortarion. Grand Master Kaldor Draigo is elevated to the rank of Supreme Grand Master amidst the din of the battlefield and vows vengeance on Mortarion. Alone and unaided, Draigo smashes his way through Mortarion's bodyguard, strikes the Primarch to the ground and carves Geronitan's name on the Daemon's vile heart. Though Mortarion ultimately escapes, it is many long years before he can enter the mortal realm once more.
What little detail we have about the incident is spun in such a way as to make it seem as though it required little effort on his part. At least we know how exactly the fight between Hector Rex and An'ggrath went down.

Also, there's a difference between travelling the Eye of Terror and travelling the Warp. The Eye of Terror is merely where the Warp and realspace coalesce. The Warp itself is an entirely different dimension from realspace, with no laws of physics or reality or anything, a coalescense of pure psychic energy. No mortal may survive in the Warp without protection for this very reason alone.

Originally Posted by Deadeye776 View Post
He may be in the warp from a curse of a greater deamon but he is one of the greatest Grey Knights so MAYBE the Emperor is giving him some help.
I don't believe the curse was any curse at all. Going by the description of Draigo, M'kar just grabbed him and threw him into the warp. I do not believe this is a direct result of M'kar's curse; would the Chaos Gods really have gone through with it if they had known how much trouble Draigo would cause in their realms? If he did in fact curse Draigo, he basically shot Chaos in the foot.

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