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Originally Posted by Deadeye776 View Post
Hey, I'm knew to the board but have been reading Warhammer and 40k for over 10 years. I don't see why this is such an issue having the supreme grandmaster this dominant in the Realms of Chaos.Hector Rex banished the greatest Bloodthirster Khorne has Angraath in single combat. The 13th company have survived in the EOT for 10,000 and are still kicking a$$ present day in 40k.As to the Angron banishment requiring a company of Terminiators who didn't make it you should investigae who exactly was at that little party because it wasn't just Angron. The Skulltaker, a bodyguard of Bloodthirsters,World Eater chaos marines,and other demons.So yeah, with that kind of firepower I would say that the fact any of them made it out was impressive. If Hector can take out Angraath one on one than I can buy the Mortarion story.If Alaric and cripple a black crusade on a world dedicated to Khorne in the EOT through wit and cleverness than maybe that's how the supreme grand master pulled off torching Nurgles Garden. He may be in the warp from a curse of a greater deamon but he is one of the greatest Grey Knights so MAYBE the Emperor is giving him some help.For all you fans of chaos why do you even care how powerful he is? Abaddon the Despoiler the Chosen Champion of Chaos.Then you have all the daemon primarchs still alive Angron,Mortarion,Magnus,Lorgar,Perturabo,Fulgrim,a nd (I know he's not a deamon prince)Omegon or Alpharius is still alive. That's not to mention champions like Lucius,Typhon,Fabius,or Kharn or the Greater deamons you all have. So relax, one guy going chuck norris in the warp hardly compares to the amount of fire power chaos has.
Many of us had an issue with this because its just so over the top that it is just silly. I know I want fond of it. Many of us here as well are old schoolers who came from the golden age 40k when we could still buy a rhino for 20 bucks and CSM could still kick everyone's ass. I never had a problem with the guy being inthe warp it was just all the insane feats they made him do.WIth Abbadon or any of the other char. they don't even accoplish feats of that stature

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