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Optimus Prime: He emboides everything that a hero should be.

Capitan America: He is Optimus Prime done in a more complex manner, due to him being human and working with/for the US government. I thought the Civil War story line was a great Marvel story, as it showed who Capitan America was at his core.

Superman: The man is a walking God, the Man Of Tomorrow. Some people give the character shit for being too simple, I would recommend reading Godfall (By Michael Turner), For Tomorrow (By Brian Azzarello Art by Jim Lee), and Superman Earth One (By J. MICHAEL STRACZYNSKI) for an indepth look at what Superman actually is. Superman Earth One is an Alternate Reality Story but it gives great insight into the problems that a young Clark Kent would face.

Raistlin Majere (DragonLance Series of books): A mage cursed to see time passing before him, he has a complex character that requires almost 12 books (and some short stories) to fully flesh out.

Kenshin Himura (Rurouni Kenshin anime and manga): A pacifist who became an Assassian (man-slayer in the Anime) who bears a cross shaped scar on his cheek, he is an anime/manga character with real depth. The backstory to why he has his scar is heart wrenching and his history plagues him through out the entire series. The series is one of the best I have ever seen and read.

And for Classic Literature:

Cyrano de Bergerac (from the play by Edmond Rostand): Great Character, great play. It's one of my favorite plays.

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