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Originally Posted by OddJob View Post
1. I think you should go for long ranged razorbacks (lasplas ftw on a fast vehicle).

4. I can't for the life of me understand why people are suggesting a second priest- you only have 12 models that FNP works on (why would dreads care about FC? Anything that can hurt them in cc tends to go at init1 anyway).
Yes. Although just swapping the HF Razor to a Lasplas would be fine, mass Asscannon fire does the same thing most of the time.

Originally Posted by OddJob View Post
3. Shooty dreads. A big advantage of the BAs is their fast vehicles so it seems strange to see rifleman dreads instead of autolas preds in the heavy slots. You Don't need the tying up ability of dreads (since you also have choppy dreads) so I think preds would be better.
Unfortunately BA get very heavily penalized for Lascannon Sponsons on their Preds, which is why I assume Katie went with Riflemen. I, on the other hand, might consider a Dev squad with 4x ML instead. For the price of two riflemen + 30pts out of the 50pts you have spare atm you can get the above Dev squad, a naked priest and a 4th Razor with Lasplas (Devs). This sits nicely next to your scoring Assmarines in their Lasplas and gives quite a scary firebase against pretty much anything (stuff venturing within 12" gets 4x TL Plasma, 2x Lascannon, 4x ML shots in the face and charged by Assmarines with FC), but in this case I would drop the Flamer/Hand Flamer and maybe give the Sgt a Powerfist so that they can potentially deal with anything in combat.

The Devs can also hide very effectively behind the two Rhino chassis, giving you a lot more freedom about where you deploy them, as well as a cover save on top of the FnP from the Priest.

Given that you said you didn't want to change the list too much, that's about all I have to suggest without restructuring your army a lot more.

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