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I'm not a blood angel expert by any means, but I have spent a decent amount of time playing against them. Thoughts:

1. Troops. A complete lack, particularly when their transports want to be close to be effective. There are a lot of combat elements out there that just don't care about FNP and will wipe 5 marines in a phase. It's easier to stay alive at long range, so IF you want to stick with minimum troops I think you should go for long ranged razorbacks (lasplas ftw on a fast vehicle). If you are sitting at long range then power weapons and extra guns aren't needed. Even at long range I would prefer to play with at least one more razorback squad.

2. Furioso Dreads. Are cool. Full stop. However, your counter charge furiosos only really come into play against opponents that want to charge you. A lot of the top lists these days are firepower based which means the furiosos won't get to play, and then theres the dawn of war issue. It is nice to have the dread counter charge option for units like genestealers (my babies!) but I feel that two (four actually) is overkill. One librarian dread with wings doesn't cost that many more points, has vastly increased mobility (potentially useful in DoW and in staying out of melta range) and brings a hood to the table. Of course, once you start thinking along those lines mephiston isn't many more points and is totally lethal...but your army starts to look a bit different then.

3. Shooty dreads. A big advantage of the BAs is their fast vehicles so it seems strange to see rifleman dreads instead of autolas preds in the heavy slots. You Don't need the tying up ability of dreads (since you also have choppy dreads) so I think preds would be better.

4. The SHP. The last place you want the SHP is in a position to be struck in cc. Bare bones (maybe with a combi) and hidden behind bodies in any assault is the way to go. I can't for the life of me understand why people are suggesting a second priest- you only have 12 models that FNP works on (why would dreads care about FC? Anything that can hurt them in cc tends to go at init1 anyway).

5. Searchlights. Are they on BA vehicles as standard? I wouldn't buy them beyond two on troop transports for use in DoW (especially when going second).

In summary I reckon your list would be tighter with less dreads and more troops.

Just noticed the third troops choice. DOOOOOOOOME. I still reckon that long ranges razorbacks (and less toys in the troops squads) are better.

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