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Originally Posted by Lord Pestilice View Post
HOw do you plan on using the Furiosos? I have not played my FT much but having them run across the board doesnt seem to give them a long shelf life.
Maybe give one of them a Drop Pod and when he comes in pop smoke to increase his chances of survival???
They walk behind the Predators and Razorbacks and discourage anyone from trying to get at my small units of Troops. They also add two more AV13 vehicles to the list to truly tax my opponent's anti-tank firepower and are a source of heavy flamer and melta fire. They're quite good at what they do, though it's important to hold them back and not just run forward blindly.

This list actually plays pretty defensively - the idea is to keep my opponents at roughtly 18"-24" away and shoot them with assault cannons and when I can't give any more ground I pounce. With Furious Charge and the Dreadnoughts most units don't last very long. Against more passive enemies I play more aggressively by moving forward to take ground and softening them up at range before assaulting to remove them from objectives.
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