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Default [Flesh Tearers - 1,750][Mech - Competitive]

Hi everybody. I've been fiddling with a Mech Blood Angels list for a while now and it's game time this Sunday. I still haven't completely settled on a list, but here's what I'm thinking.

Librarian with Fear, Shield and hand flamer


2x 5 Assault Marines with melta, infernus and power weapon
2x Razorback with twin-linked assault cannon and searchlight

1x 5 Assault Marines with flamer, hand flamer and power weapon
1x Razorback with twin-linked heavy flamer and searchlight


1x Sanguinary Priest with lightning claw

2x Furioso Dreadnought with heavy flamer, extra armor and searchlight

Fast Attack

3x Baal Predators with twin-linked assault cannon, heavy bolters and searchlights

Heavy Support

2x Dreadnoughts with two twin-linked autocannons

Total: 1,700/1,750

Since I still need to paint some of this stuff I can't make any huge, sweeping changes to this list. I've been considering swapping out one of the Baal Predators for a third Assault Squad in AC Razorback but I've found that I don't need more than three Troops choices and that the firepower of the Baal Predators is absolutely key. How should I spend my last 50 points? I tried Hunter Killer missiles but I seriously never accomplish anything with them, either missing or failing to penetrate even AV10 (it's so sad). Should I maybe buy a second Sanguinary Priest for another FNP people? A combi-weapon for my existing Priest?

Thanks for any comments.
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