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It was cold, but hell, it was always damn cold on Fenris. Kjaratan rotated his neck around, being rewarded with a few cracks and pops, has he attempted to alleviate the tension. Their task was complete, but not without due suffering and sacrifice, their time in the wilderness had been exhilarating, it had been a test, a chance for him to prove his worth to his pack brothers, to make an initial place for himself within the claw. He had failed in this task. He wasn't even particularly close to the razor-ursid when it was slain by Krahl, albeit done so with less than disciplined decisions. The pack-brother had simply shoved Alrik out of the way and claimed the kill himself. For that he was still considered the slayer of the beast, so doubt, but Kjartan couldn't help but not feel pride for his brother.

Still, he had contributed only so much to this task and therefore couldn't raise complaint to anything his pack-brothers had done. Putting the thought from his mind he turned his head, half-hearing the story being told by Tyr, and gazed at the Fang. A days travel if weather and conditions permitted, although Fenris was a fickle world, one almost with a mind of its own. Once they returned great stories would be told by his brothers, especially Krahl for slaying the razor-ursid, and a number of his other brothers. He would be oddly silent he knew, he wasn't a braggart ... well not as much as some within the claw, but he still wanted great stories of his own.

'Soon ...' he thought solemnly, 'There will be some Ork warboss or some heretic who demands to be killed and I'll claim my stories from their death ...'

His mind somewhat at ease, Kjartan turned his head back towards the fire, just in time to hear Tyr's story come to its relative conclusion as he seemed to pass it onto Alrik. Kjartan gave a general grunt of amusement, the story had been funny even though he'd only kept his mind half-attentive to it.

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