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Well, I also got my hands on one of those Ad Mec building kits, so that will definitely make it more lively. The only thing stalling me right now is figuring out how to do the basing of it. I saw (I believe on the GW site) how they did a base for a BT setting, but I'm really not sure I have the tools and skill to pull that off.

And the tray would only be for about 2000 points... if I wanted to take a picture of all 8k+ points of stuff I had, I'd need a whole table. I might do that eventually with that big roman pillar piece of terrain no one ever uses, once I get all my AK stuff painted.

Unfortunely it'll be awhile before I get that far since I had ideas on kitting my 2nd landspeeder with the 'wings' from a star wars tie interceptor.... and I still need to finish the weapon sponsons for my land raider... among everything else I have sitting around.

And no worries on the champion, take your time. Gives me an excuse to not finish up the DW squad ~laughs~
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