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Originally Posted by Rindaris View Post
No, I don't mind making my own at all. I'm just not sure how I'd detail it to make it seem more like a power conductor or something like that, rather then a painted pringles can

And there are advantages to being a packrat
I've painted tons of pringles cans. They don't look anything like painted pringles cans when they're done, oddly enough... usually they come out looking like grain silos, but if you stuck one in there, it'd probably come out looking like a support structure for the building or something. The display tray looks like it's coming along well! I should try something like that for my Lions Rampant. I don't know how I'd make it work though since I'd want to be able to display an entire Battle Company on it. Hmm... may be new project time in short order.

On a side note, my paint is still at the parents' house, so I have absolutely no way to work on your shield for at least a few more days. I'll be out of town anyway beating people with a foam sword, so... yeah. It'll get done though, I promise! It's a five-minute thing to freehand that iconography, it's just getting my paints back.


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