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Razor Shadows


Autarch: 155
- Jetbike, mandiblasters, reaper launcher, laser lance

No changes to this guy. He's been doing a decent job with his reaper launcher, though doesn't earn his points back unless he gets in a good charge against an expensive target. Might drop the mandiblasters since I'm 1 point over with this list. Most opponents don't care about a point.


Harlequins x6: 162
- Shadowseer, 6 kisses

Harlequins x6: 162
- Shadowseer, 6 kisses

Added more harlies in so that once the enemy finally does get close enough to breach my cover they'll have to deal with enough harlequins to make any unit think twice. 2 squads means more opportunities for a good fleet roll and they can be split to deal with different threats.


Guardian Jetbikes x6: 152
- 2 Shuriken Cannons

Guardian Jetbikes x3: 76
- 1 Shuriken Cannon

No changes here. These guys are solid. I find that the big squad can put out enough to mow down infantry who get too close effectively while the small squad is more of a heckler that takes targets of opportunity with it's cannon.


Swooping Hawks x5: 142
- Exarch with Hawk's Talon and Skyleap

Swooping Hawks x5: 142
- Exarch with Hawk's Talon and Skyleap

Dropped one of the squads because they really weren't killing much with their grenade packs. However, they're great at being flexible. In game 1, I had one squad deep strike out of LoS and then charge 5 pathfinders on the next round. They only have 1 attack each base but they've got the init, WS, and plasma grenades to do a great job when they get the charge bonus to double their attacks. In game 2 they stayed on the board to shoot at my opponent's rapidly closing forces. Hawks aren't great at any one thing. They're pretty good at killing infantry but their real role is being where you need them to be and being able to handle a wide variety of things in appropriate situations.


Fire Prism: 170
- Shuriken Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones

Fire Prism: 170
- Shuriken Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones

Fire Prism: 170
- Shuriken Cannon, Holo-fields, Spirit Stones

Dropped the vibrocannons to make the army more versatile instead of defensive and completely mobile. 3 fire prisms are a pain to take down and make it so I can consistently get those nice linked shots off to get str 10 ap 1 shots (eldar railguns!) or str 6 ap 3 shots (bye-bye MEQs).

Army Total: 1501

Out of the 2 games so far both have been against other eldar, one of which had a big jetbike council and dark reapers/harlies/pathfinders and the other army was 3 big mobs of storm guardians, banshees, harlies, a farseer, 2 wraithlords, and yriel. The first guy killed my guardian jetbikes and vibrocannons and knocked all the guns off a prism and I killed off his entire army except the council+farseer, which I knocked both the council and the farseer out of scoring so I could capture all table quarters. The second guy killed my harlies and I killed off his entire army. 2 victorious slaughters, though both armies were using a significant amount of substandard units like dark reapers and storm guardians.

Overall it's been a really fun army to play, and not just because I slaughtered both opponents. I like really mobile armies and this one certainly fits the bill. It's very cover-reliant though, and I'm sure a basilisk would ruin my day (another good reason to have the extra prism). It generally remains to be seen how it fares against shooty armies. Against assault armies, or especially against footslogging assault armies, it does a great job. Once the enemy gets close to whatever cover I was using I can just turboboost somewhere else.
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