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Default Metro Newspaper Article

Not really a rumour but just an interesting article that appeared in today's Metro newspaper.

For those that don't know, the Metro is a free paper given out to commuters in just about every big city in the UK. It's pretty much my first point of contact with what's going on in the world on any given day and I've learnt to read between the lines of every article they write...

Anyway, in today's edition there was an article about Warhammer and 40k and how computer games developers are 'fighting to bring the genre to the mainstream.'

The guy likened the '130 Games Workshop stores across Europe' to an Apple Store, 'except nobody is drawn to Games Workshop to appear fashionable.'

Anyway, that article didn't really tell us much we, as those unfashionable 'fanatics', don't already know, and continually mixed Warhammer with Warhammer 40k, making it sound like the Eldar really are space elves and we gamers are complete fruitcakes. In short, he didn't really do the scene much in the way of improving its image.

Which is a shame, because he then led onto a paragraph about how he'd tried to get some comments from GW who replied that they don't do interviews. He goes on to say that in fact, they don't do any marketing at all. Which is true, and is something I'd never noticed before, but that's probably because I live within the wargamming bubble.

When I stopped to think about this statement, I realised it was actually quite amazing. Other than the odd war games fair, GW only advertise through their website, their own fairs and events and White Dwarf. ALL new gamers are brought in by word of mouth. It sounds like a recipe for disaster but then, if you think about it, they are probably saving millions on wooing people who aren't likely to stick with the hobby. Us wargammers come to the game because we want to and will probably stick with it far longer and provide a more stable long term investment. So in fact, it makes total sense.

this also raises the question, if they aren't trying to woo new customers, why aren't they looking after the ones they have better? Most companies do one or the other, GW seem to do very little in the way of either.

Anyway. I just wanted to share with you the fact GW had made it into the papers today and ask if anyone else had seen the article and what they thought of it?

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