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Default CSM on a Shoestring Budget

And for my 666th post...


As the title implies, funds are tight (aren't they always?). This means no pin-drill for me to pin unwieldy things and no drilled-out bolter barrels; old, slightly tacky spray primer and super glue; and most of all... kit-bashed and customized/re-purposed models. The point of this plog is, well, to expedite the (glacial) rate at which I work.

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Ah well, we struggle ever onwards, ever upwards.

Currently, I have several projects on the :
- my second squad of homemade Obliterators
- My "bikers"--Cold One riding Traitor Astartes!
- converting a pre-modeled Defiler to have +2 dccw.



The chain/spike halo still dangles loose, but will be glued roughly where I propped it for the second photo of this fellow.

This last one is waay less finished than the others--little green stuff, etc. I'm hesitant whether I want to finish him as is, really. I'm trying to use a set of old Ork warbike rear tread-tracks for his legs, but...am not very favorably impressed by the look. Sorry that the one image doesn't really showcase him that well.

Also, by way of comparison so you lot can see what they should end up looking like:



Used to have a plasma gun, which has been...messily lost. Considering what to do with him.

Quite a few of the models suffer from an overabundance of mold lines that slipped past my guard. Humor my fragile ego and please don't point them out; rest assured that they will have ceased to exist by the next time I post up a batch of photos.



(what it used to look like)

Recognize that face? ...say, on an Obliterator?

(updated version of the model)

Yes, that's a skeleton in a cage that will be replacing the missile pod.

Part of the reason for snipping off all the spiky bits was to minimize the target profile this guy has and let him hunt for cover easier. Also, I felt like going for something different. I admit he looks a little bottom-heavy now, but...wait until I get the flail on.

CSM Plog, Tactica

What sphinx of plascrete and adamantium bashed open their skulls and ate up their brains and imagination? Imperator! Imperator!

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