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And it continues...

In the tight confines of the darkness, combat with the Genestealers was brutal, there was never an encounter that didn’t leave a member horribly injured or dead, Blade included, already he had lost a finger and now had a deep scar running across his face, but he was learning, adapting to fight these new foes just as they were to him. At this moment Blade and the rest of the bodyguards turned the corner to find several more Genestealers waiting for an attack.
It would have been a well though out ambush had the group not been so accustomed to this and they had scarcely turned the corner before splinter fire from the Dark Eldar shot out, their eyes adapted to the dark only saw shapes, but that was all the reason they needed to fire. High pitched screeches filled the air and only when the horrible sound stopped did the Eldar let up their fire. After a quick double tap, which involved a quick stab with knives into the Genestealer’s brains did the group continue, searching for a particular manhole cover that would lead them to the surface.
Varcio claimed that only he knew the one cover that would lead them closest to a Webway Portal to Commoragh, something the Archon he worked for had installed when Varcio had been assigned here. None of it made any sense to Blade, why would a high ranking Archon assign a servant to a planet all the way out here? And why was a direct link to the Dark City itself needed? Regardless if it got him out of here alive, Blade didn’t care, in fact he hardly cared about most things since that battle. It was almost as if the Basilisk shell had blown out his heart as well, leaving only a weeping empty hole in its place.
“Stop!” motioned Varcio suddenly, and the bodyguards formed up around him, splinter guns at the ready, while Blade took a defensive stance with his sword. Silence took hold as they all listened for something, then the Dark Eldar whispered something among themselves in their alien language that Blade could not understand. Even Varcio did not speak to him in English, instead a translator printed out Varcio’s words into English for Blade, the Dracon had once explained that he would not foul his tongue with the disgusting language of humans.
Suddenly the group broke and ran and Blade could only make the assumption that whatever was after them was many in number and out for blood, but what Tyranid isn’t?
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