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You've got the start of an nice little army I feel. I personally love to use a Bloodthirster (just finished my FW one recently, freeking awesome!) Anyway, Bloodcrushers I love and now they're plastic they're even better! I like to use 3 and herald on Juggernaut. A tough unit to shift. I personally tend to go with 2 gods, no reason it's just that's how I tend to go. I would bulk your troops up a little especially bloodletters or daemonettes. Flamers are awesome, certainly wouldn't use more then 3 in any 1 unit. Love Daemon Princes. As for Soul Grinders, I love mine but he's such a bullet magnet and I think you could maybe think to go with a couple of Daemon Princes, or 2 Soul Grinders (just to give the enemy something more to think about).

Good luck fellow Daemon!


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