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My daemons of chaos army. :)

I have just started up my chaos daemons army, but so far i have ->

Blue scribes (all posible upgrades)
herald of tzeench (bolt of tzeench, breath of chaos, master of sorcery and we are legion)
herald of knorne (iron hide)

8 horrors of tzeench (one icon, one bolt of tzeench , changeling)
9 bloodletters of knorne (icon and instrument)
5 plaugebearers of nurgle (icon and soon to be instrument)
10 daemonnetes of slaanesh (icon and instrument)

3 flamers of tzeench

5 Seekers on slaanesh (icon and instrument)

1 daemon prince of tzeench/nurgle (if tzeench give bolt of tzeench, iron hide, daemonic flight, breath of chaos, daemonic gaze) (if nurgle cloud of flys, noixcious touch, aura of decay and breath of chaos)

this is only my basis but im hoping to get more horrors, plaugebearers, a soulgrinder and bloodcrushers to finish off my army.
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