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And so it begins! SM and Termie w.i.p.

SO IT BEGINS! My friend and I are making space marine, Termie, eldar, and S.o.B. armor costumes for the upcoming august wizard world here in Chicago. So, like everyone else I will be posting our step by step process and be sharing with you this incredible project! yes, it is excessive. yes, it is super nerdy. yes, I do live with my mom and dad. but i was living by myself the last eight years, sometimes shit goes wrong and you gotta do what you gotta do. yes I could and should be working on my other art ( I am a comic book illustrator) but right now the pencil doesnt speak to me, the sculpting does. and maybe the emperor a little bit. so here we go, the space marine suit will consist of a tactical sergeant with a power fist and bolt pistol. the Termie will be an Emperor's children, the Eldar is a farseer, and rounding out the group there will be two to three S.o.B. one of which will be a hospitiller (sp?). assuming this goes well we will be looking into licensing fees from games-workshop. maybe we can start building them for other people, and selling them legit. though that would not be for a while. but ok, here we go, I expect to be posting some pics and stuff within the next week or so.

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