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Default Crom the Conquerer

Been Looking quite recently, And re-reading my last chaos book with my newer one, it seems to lack a quite large amount of information about Archaons herald: Crom the Conquerer.

For those who do not know who Crom is, Crom is the Chaos Lord, Who does not use any magical confangledry, Only using a sword, Shield, armour and pure blade skill to defeat his opponents. He had Archaon on the backfoot for example during the duel between the two untill Archaon pulled out his daemonic blade and suckerpunched him with the shield of his. Secondly: You Orcish Grimgor fans may not like this, But despite all of Grimgors awsomeness and magical axe, Crom managed to fight him to a stand-still, and Grimgor ran away due to his army having been defeated by the chaos followers.

Strange i think is that Grimgor managed to defeat Archaon but couldn't defeat Crom.

Back to the main point, Is there any information About Croms actual status Post Storm of Chaos..?
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