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i would have to agree with keelia. i have a rival that takes his necrons to tournament every time and actually places top three because he plays Targets (pronounced: Monoliths) if you get too worried about the monolith you will miss the golden opportunity to make a necron player cry by phasing him out. the phase out rule is every necron players masked agression... they hate that they have an actual "lose" condition. in most tournament settings you will get a full points for "tabling" your opponent. my advice, give the monoliths about a 13 inch berth and kill every warrior, lord, flayed one, destroyer, and immortal you see.

however, if you absolutely HAVE to kill that monolith for your own feel goods, your BEST option is to fill your heavy support with a vindicator and 2 dev squads with lascannons for days.....any real combination of these two unit choices would be satisfactory. but i must ask, what on earth are you going to point those lascannons at when the monolith dies?

my 2 pennies
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