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Default Iron Falcons - Saracen Gunship

I have been itching to throw this up on the site for nearly a week now but time constraints and other stuff just keeps getting in the way. With my Griffin Dropship project on hold whilst I await the ABS card arriving from the USA I thought I would make a start on one of the two Gunship conversions I want to make for my Chapter.

I basically wanted to do a conversion that would utilise just the Stormraven kit and plasticard, so that anyone else wanting to do the same would be able to follow a tutorial I plan to make (coming soon ).

The main thing I loathe about the Stormraven is that GW seemed to have several good designs but couldn't decide which one to use and just threw them all together making the 'butt-ugliest' kit I have ever seen (well, that and the Dread-ful Knight)!

My other contention with it is they have dubbed it a 'Gunship' which it aint...it's a flying APC - Gunships are just that...flying killy death machines with only one purpose - annihilate the enemy! Look at the Spectre Gunship...you get my point!

In the true spirit of the meaning of a Gunship, here is my vision of what the Astartes would employ. Think of the scene from Die Hard 4 with the F35 Joint Strike Fighter hovering over Brucie boy and trying to blow him away (or the Terminator Hunter Killers) and you get the kind of thing I am after.

Though not yet complete I have a few WIP shots to tease you with. I will put up some more info later today or tomorrow...for now gotta go to work. Enjoy.

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