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hmm.. yeah I havent really figured a price for the armor yet, as is we are about a quarter of the way through, we are doing this right though so it could take a while. the helmets will have radios and voice changers along with lit eye lenses and fans to keep you cool. the armor itself will have fans to cool you as well and will be padded pretty nicely. some of the problems that we have seen with other armors is sizing, which we are also running into some snags with. we created "stilt" shins, to give the wearer some extra height but this makes the arms look short and stubby. but there really isnt a good way to have control of your hands and extend the arms, unless your stretch armstrong. and in general we have added bulk to the suits to take away the focus on your trex arms. ill try and get some pictures up soon but my camera took a swim. as for the sisters of battle, they seem to be a bit easier, less armor, at least less that you can see. the fabric that covers alot of them should make the costume pretty comfortable (heat wise) but the helmet will need fans too, the other problem im having with them is the lack of pictures that i have found, ( i also may not have looked too hard.) the eldar helm and armor is pretty cool though! ok wow, this was a long rant. price wise though, have to finish it to see how many hours and how tough its going to be.
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