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I have also writting a small tutorial on the magnetisation proces and the benefits that this proces brings. In case you were wondering about doing any kind of magnetisation proces, this can help as a guide.

1. Finding the right size magnets.
First of all, I started looking for suitable magnets. They'd have to be strong, so they'd have to be neodymium magnets (aka rare earth magnets).

I tried various sizes, but 2 mm ones seemed like the best option allround. They allowed for enough weight carry capacity (up to 130gr according to the manufacturer), while being small enough to fit into the smallest bits (such as the hands).Even with the 2mm diameter however, it would still be a VERY close call on some bits, so you couldn't afford to be off centre. More on this later.

I got them at this retailer: http://www.supermagnete.be/eng/index.php
Their prices were reasonable and the transport options weren't too bad. I'm sure there are other suitable retailers however, for those not living in the European Union.
The magnets themselves are 2 mm in diameter and have a depth of 1 mm. So to match this, a quick trip to local hardware store got me a 2 mm drillbit.

2. Requirements: what will you need.

It's always a good idea to think ahead and have a little list of what you are going to need. So here's a list of what you'll need if you plan to do ANY magnetisation project:
- A pinvice with suitable drills (I have 0,5mm, 2mm,3 mm and 4mm bits for this project).
- A toothpick.
- Superglue and some superglue accelerator.
- A sharp hobby knife.
- Greenstuff/plastic putty
- A crapload of magnets.

The pinvice is a pretty obvious one. You'll need to be drilling a ton of holes into your miniatures. The toothpick might be less obvious though. You'll be working with magnets and then tend to... you know... stick to metal tools. Having a toothpick at hand means that you'll have a “tool” that will not be affected by the magnets and that'll come in handy at some point, trust me on this...

Superglue is pretty obvious as well, superglue accelerator will be extremely handy to get the job done faster. Remember to work in a well ventilated area with this stuff, or you'll be high as a kite in no time!! The rest are just generic things that are always handy when working on miniatures. Now lets get on with it!
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