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Forum name: deathbringer (DB usually in chat or too my disgust deathy)

Name: Aaron

Age: 19

Means of communication:
msn [email protected]
facebook skype (preferably the first, i'm usually around after work)

Location: manchester uk

Roleplay experience: Really started roleplaying on heresy a little under two years ago. Always loved writing, saw the roleplay section and stuck around, about the same time as dark angel and a little after BAV. Par reever i cant think of anyone that has been around with regularity, though admittedly I've become pretty sporadic, much longer

Theme preferences: I like interactive roleplays with lots of charactor development but nothing like a really well written action post. If its descriptive I'll love it

Memorable roleplay from the past: the claw and attention brothers have both been superb but the gates of hell and lelun will always have a special spot in my heart. The tortured wretch is by far and away the favourite of my creations.

Favorite roleplaying system: Forum , par that and maybe inquisitor my interest is minimal

Favorite games: Inquisitor, fantasy, 40k

Favorite roleplaying moment: Oh so so so many. I think my favourite charactors in Iorek, Lelun, the tyrant, Lynx have all had there moments

Favorite quote:

I'm camper than a row of pink tents
the whole of quagmires rant at brian and consequentially... hey quagmire i fucked your dad
my penis is not a dog... its batman
one of my sons is being chased by a guy... my other son is jealous... life is good

At the end of the day is it makes me giggle it's up there

What would you like to see happen/start up here in RPT’s?:
well primarily i'd like to see all in komankos post... because i said most of it...
Secondly i'd like to see me return to form, I've been sporadic of late in interest and quality so I'd like that to change
Thirdly I'd like to finish an rp of my own.... i've been pathetic apologies
Fourthly I'd like to see the next new generation of heretical rp'ers spring up and grow. I've had the pleasure of growing under reever and euph's amazing guidance and had the pleasure of seeing guys like komanko and dravleth and particularly one of the best gm's on here reavan and poster's deus mortis become the fixtures they are today. I'd like to see the next batch
Finally I'd like to see a good solid tau rp.
Do you like the title of this thread? It suits, cant complain but wouldnt sniff at something more grandious

kudos to lillian thorne for the awesome sig

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