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Default My new GK miniatures.

Hey folks

I'd thought I'd post a few shots I took today of my new GK models. I have been a demonhunter player since 2005, and have taken a very long brake from 40k since 2006 to focus more on warmachine. The release of the new codex got me excited to pick this army up again though. Sad thing is, that I can no longer use my inducted IG troops (painted in red/white/black). And it's not like I had that many GK units to begin with, so the army got a soft reboot.

The GK boxed set is awesome! It includes so many weapon options, that I decided to magnetise nearly the entire army. Every model now has the possibility to take different weapons through the use of 2mm diameter magnets (at least, as many as each boxed set allows). This required some minor conversions (such as making the two handed weapons into one handed pieces, but nothing too drastic.

Anyway, the first squad is always the testsquad, and that got finished for 95% today (some minor things like some text on the purity seals etc still remains, but that's no biggy). So I took a few pictures and will show you the results:

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