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1- depends on where you are. My meta runs at 2k and pretty much always has, but a lot of areas have gone to 2.5 or 3k games.

2- Infantry blocks all the way, characters are about as important as before, except that BSBs are now standard in any game you play: high Ld general, caster and BSB are the first things in most people's list.

3- depends how you play. Without house rules magic is way overpowered... some areas block the use of the lv6 spells (pit of shades for shadow) and stupid items like the power scroll (and characters like Teclis), but if you're playing competetively expect magic to be a huge part of the game.
You dont see spammed mages anymore though. 1-2 mages of any type is normally plenty.

4- cav can be useful, but they've been severly nerfed. Fast cav are still as good as ever, but the role of heavy cav has changed to support/distraction/flanker.


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