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Stari listened to the singing of the birds, smelt the freshly cut grass, and watched her two sons playing in the cool water. The world of Japeth was a beautiful one, as yet untouched by the heavy industry of the Imperium. Stari looked towards the planetary capital, its silver spires shining in the afternoon sun. Their governor was fighting a hard battle to preserve the beauty of Japeth, but Stari didn’t know how long it would last. Ever since that report of the super-mineral had reached Mars, they had been knocking even harder on Japeth’s doorstep. Stari sighed, letting the grim thoughts tumble from her head. She was an attractive woman, slim, brown-haired, and blessed with two dazzlingly blue eyes. The family’s farm was just down the road, were even now Stari’s husband would be collecting the summer harvest.

Stari stood up, walking over to her children playing in the small stream,

“Come on now! We have to get home, Pa will need help with the grain!” called Stari, he warm voice carrying easily to the playing children, who mischievously pretended they hadn’t heard. “Oh, you!” cried Stari, laughing as she splashed into the water after them. The children screamed with laughter, trying to escape, but were ultimately caught by their mother’s loving embrace.

“Come on boys, we need to get home,” purred Stari to her two toddlers, who had finally settled down. Suddenly, they screamed again. “All right, all right!” laughed Stari, but the children didn’t stop crying. Wondering what the matter was, Stari set them down, and turned to where their fingers pointed.

A horrific scream tore through the field as Stari was cleaved in two, followed by the cries of the children as they two were brutally murdered. The great black monster which had killed them sniffed the ground, its enhanced senses picking up the fast-approaching tractor. With a contemptuous grunt, it loped back towards the not-too-distant mountains, its powerful legs carrying it far away, the dismembered body of Tari clutched in its claws.

Chapter One coming soon.

EDIT: Hmm, in the word document it seemed a lot bigger. Perhaps this can just be a very short prologue, then.

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