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Deathwatch Techmarine to lead my primary Devastator squad

Still planning to add a Servoskull with a servo-arm on the back of the base, hence why the techmarine is standing forward as much as he is. Would have had him forward more, but it was causing balance problems due to the weaponary sticking out so much.

And I'm using some possessed bits along with regular chaos stuff to create an enhanced CSM squad to go along with Fabius Bile:


Meltagun CSM... I figured since the Emperor's Children had the best of gear, if any Legion had a meltapistol it would be them. Of course for rules since CSM have a pistol and CCW, this guy would use those... I just wanted to combine the meltagun and the pistol for appearance's sake:

I did get some CoD stuff for the diorama tray I've been looking to put together, so I'm not sure if I'm still gonna use any of the Necromunda stuff at all. Might just save that stuff so I can use it to put together a Chaos version if I opt to that that.
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