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Forum name: G0arr, or g0arr if you like.

Name: Dan

Age: 28

Means of communication:
Steam: G0arr001

Location: Arkansas, look for a town with no population sign and a torn down gas station

Roleplay experience:
12 years of D&D

4 years White Wolf
Around 3 years GMing WHFRP.
Around 2 years GMing Dark Heresy (I think).
Several months GMing Deathwatch and Rogue Trader

Theme preferences:

Love me some Si-Fi other than that a good action/horror mix.

Memorable roleplay from the past:

Humm… none really jumping out in my mind right off.

Favorite roleplaying system:

Would have to say the D100 system that most of the warhammer games use.

Favorite games:

Chaos Gate(damn the inability to run on my computer), Doom, KOTOR, Dungeon Siege, Elemental, Warhammer 40k(Though I havn’t been able to play it in years), MTG, Dawn of War (I and II), Might an Magic, Final Fantasy, Zelda,

Favorite roleplaying moment:
D&D a barbarian is about to be sneak attacked by an invisible cleric. He smiles and turns to the group. “I trust the GM,” the player said seconds before the dice rolled. One triple 20 later his character is laying face down in the sand with a cleaved in skull. The player looks up at the GM. “You’re kidding me. I trusted you!”

Favorite quote:

“They see me rollin, the polyhedrons.” Accysadpanda
"I got this, I got this... You got this" Unknown failtank

What would you like to see happen/start up here in RPT’s?:

A series of RP’s created by one or several GM’s that characters can be reused in. You can develop a character through a single game, but as years of D&D have shown me development is best over several different adventures.

Do you like the title of this thread? (Yes/No) If no, then what might be a better title?
Yes. Says what it needs to say.
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