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Game 2: Cleanse, Gamma
Kongs Infiltrating Marines
Master of Sanctity, Pair of Lightning Claws, Artificer Armour, Frag Grenades, Rosarius, Space Marine Bike, Terminator Honours (The Super Killy Choppy Chaplain TM)
3x 5 Man Terminator Squad, 2 Assault Cannons
2x 5 Man Tactical Squad, Lascannon, Infiltrate
6 Man Devastator Squad, 4 Heavy Bolters, Infiltrate
6 Man Devastator Squad, 4 Missile Launchers, Infiltrate, Tank Hunters
Again not a bad mission for me giving me the ability to use my range and speed to my advantage. Plenty of terrain as you can see but even with the choice of quarters I struggled to deny him fire lanes. I eventually choose a quarter to deny him the 4+ cover saves despite my best efforts I was never going to deny him LOS to my army.
Kongs Termies and super chappy go central with his HB devs lining up shots on my council while all the other AT weapons had clear shots on my skimmers!
With the roll for first turn being absolutely paramount I manage to win the roll and sensibly choose to go first, scary stuff!!!
Due to some tight maneuvering I manage to deny all AT shots apart from a single LC and proceed to bully the HB devs Into submission.
Kongs turn saw his static devs reform to enable shots on my force.
A few asscannon shots from the advancing Termie horde saw a shaken result or two on my skimmers. Super killy looks to Intercept the oncoming council heroically turboing Into position.
With the devs and termies In dissaray trying to find shots the Harlies taxi jumps Into action unloading Into a squad of central termies wiping out a squad and consolodating Into the next, super chappies Artificer armour finally gives way to the mass flameage and spearage from the council followed by an Autarch laser lance special.
Kongs following turn saw the remaining termies counter charge and wipe out the harlies while again the devs look to find any possible shots on the speedy Falcon and Prism's.
With the super chappie down and out and with the majoity of the termie force out of the game the council and skimmers eventually use terrain and their speed to hunt down and wipe out the marine force piecmeal with the Autarch's lance and reaper causing mucho chaos.
Game ends by turn five with me holding all four quarters for the loss of the Harlies.
One of the most friendliest and most sporting opponents I've ever played Kong had me Just where he wanted me but without that first turn I could use the large amounts of terrain and my speed to avoid them with a rapid redeployment allowing me to pick and choose my shots grinding the SM force down over the five turns.
Another massacre to the Ulthwe!
Surrounded and pretty damn scared!

Redeploy and bully HB dev time.

Super Killy Chappy Intercepts.

With the Harlies gone and the termies depleted the council plays cleanup!

The Ulthwe force mercifully hunts down the remaining SM force!

End of turn 5 and ready to score.

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