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Originally Posted by experiment 626 View Post
The vampire assassin isn't the best option for VC's... You need those thralls boosting the bulk of your army & providing their march bonus - not being thrown away in a blatently obvious suicide charge!

Instead of throwing away a crucial vamp, slap a cheap wight king w/extra hand weapon + nightshroud + other trickster's shard into the ghoul unit instead!
more wounds & attacks, higher toughness and killing blow plus a re-roll successful wards...

It's cheaper and a far better pts useage on what will be a sacrifical unit in the end.
I just always seem to have a spare slot based on number of non-vampire units that will need a Vamp within distance versus where I position my units that don't have Vamps in them. If I have the extra 25 points (and let's face it, I can always drop a few skeletons and raise them later with Count Mannfred or a Lord of the Dead) there seems to be no reason to me not to take the dude who is the level 1 wizard (for channeling) and Infinite Hatred (to make sure I hit as much as possible as often as possible.)

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