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The voices told me to....
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hochland long rifles is one way to go but pretty rare to hit in all honesty with long range and what not to consider, my opinion is if you know they will be playing him make damned sure you got something that will fly and get over there damned quick and bite the mo-fos head off!! take some magic and be pure defensive about it i.e full stacks of DS make sure he don't get anything off (except irresistable) and make him redundant.

I will admit teclis with loads of archers is a pain, you lose most of your 2+ save guys to silly rolls of 1 and yes that's rare but the amount of saves you will be making is enough to make rare crap saves pretty common so yea, get there quick munch his head off and have fun lol

my personal fav is a great cannon to the face D6 wounds and a lucky roll buh bye teclis

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