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Originally Posted by gen.ahab View Post
No, but if you are yammering on about something someone said more than 1-2 posts before you just come out looking like a blabbering fuckwit. This is heresy, you definition of trolling is absurdly broad. Like what has been said before, this is heresy, not a fucking daycare center.

It was implied by your statement.
So the pointless venting is not about blabbering useless statements to release stress and to provide info on a peeve or problem? Well might as well close this thread down.

Well if I look like a fuckwit then thats your opinion. We can fight about it all you want but i dont stoop to name calling.

"Imagination is for turbo-nerds who canít handle how kick-butt reality isÖ I am a kick-butt reality master! I would rather die than be imaginative."
Originally Posted by Commissar Ploss View Post
i'm quite proud of this statement of mine, and i doubt it'll ever be quoted: "This is Heresy-Online, not Fluffy-Bunny Online." yep, that's a good'un. write that down folks.

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