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Originally Posted by XxDreMisterxX View Post
Ah. But i was never specific so who's you to tell me on who i was referring to? Your not my mind for all i know. It was a general statement. Sorry if i didnt make that clear enough. Oh, and do you see that part were i say "People", I dont think that at all refers to specific people like Sven or Gen, unless your nickname is people, in which case i apologize for the misunderstanding. Also you make a good point that if I wanted to refer to someone I would quote them, but again I never did. I dont see a rule saying that posting right after or even two posts means that I have to directly confer with the person before me. Again, i never made a specific mention of a anyone being a troll, rather I merely discouraged any such future behavior.

And about that naive, you get that wrong again as i said his Assumption was naive not him. Your reading into this way to deep.
No, but if you are yammering on about something someone said more than 1-2 posts before you just come out looking like a blabbering nutter. Your definition of trolling is absurdly broad. Like what has been said before, this is heresy, not a fucking daycare center.

It was implied by your statement. You referred to his statement being naive so it would seem you were saying that he was being naive when he wrote it, IOW you thought he was being neive. Of course you made a similar assumption, but that can't be true because obviously your above such things. Gee golly gosh, I should have remembered.

However, before this devolving into me going on a pissed off blaze, I am going to move on.

My vent? People piss me the hell off.

The Website kept telling me that my profile was only 80% complete without creating a signature. Ain't no website going to tell me I was a lazy shit, no sir.

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