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Originally Posted by XxDreMisterxX View Post
Did i specifically say it was you? :3

Please stop making naive assumptions.
Then who war trolling? You started your post with "Does it really matter?" which seems to indicate you weren't talking about the supposed "butt of the joke" so that leaves all of two users, Sven or myself, unless you were referring to Ploss or some other user, but I doubt it because even you know to quote a users post if you are referring to them after more than 2 posts. Now, sense he and I essentially pointed out the exact same thing, calling one of us a troll is calling the other a troll, at leasts it would seem that way. Also, you call him naive for thinking you were referring to him, but did he ever specify what he thought you were talking about or did you just make an assumption?

Originally Posted by djinn24 View Post
I broke the screen on my fucking kindle and I can not find a place that just sells the damn screens after 2 hours of looking. PISSED.
Ouch, that sucks man. Do you have a warrantee at least?

The Website kept telling me that my profile was only 80% complete without creating a signature. Ain't no website going to tell me I was a lazy shit, no sir.

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