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Well I'm not entirely sure as to what to advise Space Wolves-wise as I use Daemons and High Elves.

Tools and paints wise I hope to help you here. OK, paints. Different people swear by different paints so just pick a set and go with it. I use Games Workshop paints but that's simply what I started with and I'm familiar with them and apart from their damned tendency to pool on the lip of the pot, they are one of the best ranges out there. You can get GW paints in sets but I don't know how much you'll want to budget for them. The washes are great, if you only get two make it Devlan Mud and Badab Black. Brushes, again GW brushes are a decent start. I'd go for a basecoat, detail and fine detail brushes. And maybe a small drybrush for the fur on all those wolves. A list of other things which may be obvious: files, clippers, green stuff (optional but useful to fill gaps on metal models), glues, primer spray, tweezers (useful for holding small fiddly bits if you have big fingers).

One thing I would recommend is a daylight bulb. This provides a more natural light when painting if not painting by a window with lots of natural light. Don't waste money on painting tiles use a good old plate and an old jar or cup for cleaning your brushes.

Hope this gives you a little help.

All the best and look forward to seeing some painted models.


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