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Default Help Me, Help Myself!

I'm in the process of finally diving into the tabletop aspect of the 40k universe (been a "Story Only" kinda person now for almost a year, sticking to the books kinda thing) and I'm needing advice as to what exactly I need to get going on my question to not only build my army, but to understand the rules of the game. So, I'm shooting this out there for anyone able to help me out.

Assume I need the maximum amount of help here. Here's what I know right now:

My main army will be my Space Wolves. What will I need to have the most basic "Yeah, that'll do fine. Not awesome, but a good start for a beginner." ?
*Side Note* Break things down into the "Here's a solid starting setup" and a "Here's what you will probably want to be at, once you've gotten familiar with the game" (i.e. say, a 1,000 point army vs. 2,000, or whatever)

After I've bought that basic army, which paints will I need (I don't care if it's GW, Vallejo, or Citidal) that will get my army painted and looking the part.

I know I'll need the general rulebook & the Space Wolves Codex. What other material in that area will I need to pick up?

What other miscellaneous stuff will I need to pick up beyond the above mentioned items? (one of those "Yeah, it might not seem like much, but these things you'll definitely need.") Such as dice, templates, ect, ect, ect.

If I missed anything, fill in the blanks for me.


(Mods, please move this if it's in the wrong forum. Thanks!)
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