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Originally Posted by Arli View Post
For lizards, Bane head (double wounds from single wounds to named target) plus feedback scroll=dead Teclis.
Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
Bane Head + Blood Statuette of Spite is good. Got to pass two toughness tests.
Neither of these work- due to the shitness of the bane head. Bane head is- "All unsaved wounds caused by the bearer on the nominated character are doubled". So Arli's combination requires a Slann to go off, due to the expense, and this also means that the Slann in question cannot have cupped hands. You'd be better of fighting him in combat, or outmaneuvring/shooting with skinks.

Vaz's combination just flat-out doesn't work, since both bane head and the blood statuette are enchanted items, meaning they cannot be taken on the same model. Which means that due to the wording of bane head, the two items can never combine. Not to mention the blood statuette is a bound spell, and hence can be dispelled...

So looks like lizards have to get up close and kill Teclis the old fashioned way.

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