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Default City of Death (Image heavy!)

So here we go. Part one of my City of Death.

Let`s start with a description of the first piece.

Here we have half (the left) of what will eventually be a Church. Kits used are 1 Basilica Administratum, plastic I beam, metal 1mm tube.

After removing all the bits from the sprue I laid them on the table and came up with a few different layouts for the pannels. Here are some of the ideas: (don`t forget it is the left side so will be mirrored on the right)

After a little bit of planning I found that I needed to make the building a little narrower so I moved a few things and came up with this:

Here is a shooped mirror image so you get the whole idea,

So, let the trimming and filing comense... ...the bit I have the most!

Then onto the sticky stuff! Note the rather crafty use of the hobby vice, yay gravity

So while things are drying I start thinking about a few of the little details. For starters, you know that lamp post... that silly looking dome on top...

forget that! SPIKE!

Then I thought, well it is a building, and on the roof of most building like that they have gutters or something similar to let the water run off the roof, so I take these little guys and drill a hole in the mouth, slip in a bit of 1mm pipe and also decide that they would look better with the claws drilled out too. (look further to the end for the final pic)

After much work an toil, a few hiccups with almost drilling the mouth off an eagle head, and me removing one of the doors (or to be specific half of one) so that it can be open with naught but a craft knife, here we have it!

Eagle head drain pipes with gargoyle (note the drilled out feet on the eagles):

Inside of the building (note the addition of the I beams:

The next step is to buy and build the other half, once that is done then I can get the Celestine Living Saint that will go atop the centre tower (along with some extra railing) as a statue as this will be a Church of The Adepta Sororitas. Then once the whole thing is complete then I can paint.

So tell me what you think folks!
(Much listening of Hammerfall was done during the construction.)

Basilica Complete! sans Celestine though...

And the man in the rain picked up his bag of secrets, and journeyed up the mountainside, far above the clouds, and nothing was ever heard from him again, except for the sound of TUBULAR BELLS!

My city of death plog

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