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Default (H)Tyranids (W)Paypal £££

For Sale, medium size Tyranid army.

Retail for this lot of GW models, unprepared, would cost you around £500. The models are stored in a KR Multicase Kaiser2 system which retails at £65.

All the HQ and Elite models are metal, professionally prepped and pinned by myself - The heads for the Mawloc and Carnifex are also pinned and removable for ease of painting. Some models have a thin wash of Mechrite Red on them, but it is only thin and can be easily painted or sprayed over.

I will sell for £350 for the lot but will consider sensible offers - please PM me.

Price does not include postage and packing.

Within the UK I always post items Recorded or Special Delivery depending on the total value of the package, this provides both tracking and insurance. As this would be quite a heavy bundle (above 2Kg) the price for Special Delivery would be around the £25 mark.

For anyone fairly local to me (within a 20 mile radius) I could deliver the army.

Overseas customers may find the postage costs outweigh the savings, but I guess it depends on how much GW charges for it's products outside the UK.

#1 Hive Tyrant

#2 Tyrant Guard

#3 Tyrant Guard

#4 Hive Guard

#5 Hive Guard

#6 Lictor

#7 Lictor

#8 Pyrovore

#9 Pyrovore

#10 Zoanthrope

#11 Zoanthrope

#12 Zoanthrope

#13 Warrior Brood

#14 Warrior Brood

#15 32 Hormagaunts

#16 20 Termagants

#17 8 Genestealers

#18 27 Rippers

#19 12 Plastic Spore Mines

#20 Mawloc

#21 Carnifex

#22 Biovore and 5 Plastic Spore Mines

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