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Originally Posted by Emperors Knights View Post
so if they are counter assaulted by a Terminator squad you will likely lose the transport and everything within...
Models in a transport vehicle are only destroyed if the vehicle is destroyed in the same player turn it moves flat out

Taken from BRB FAQ Page 5
Q: If a transport vehicle is destroyed in the same turn as it
moved flat out what happens to any embarked models? (p70)
A: They are removed as casualties.
I quite like the idea actually, something like:

Librarian w/ Jump Pack, 2 Powers

2 Dreadnought Variants
Terminator Squad w/ Land Raider

2 Squads of 10 Assault Marines
-Sergent w/ Fist

2x Stormravens

Dev Squad w/ ML's
Dev Squad w/ ML's

Might be best at 2k points or more though, I cant see it being very viable at 1750

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